1. Year Round Basketball – 4 Seasons per Year (Winter/January, Spring/April, Summer/July, Fall/October)
  2. Innovative and Fun Legacy Sports Rules
  3. Family atmosphere, penalizing vulgar language and/or gestures, and Prayer before and after each game
  4. Multiple Days, times, and locations
  5. Electronic Clocks & Scoreboards
  6. Exercise; Great way to stay or get back in shape
  7. Power Player Stat Tracking with sort-able weekly and season stats
  8. Power Player of the season in every league
  9. Season doesn’t end in Regulation, we have “PLAYOFFS”
  10. Awards & Legacy Sports Gear for all League Champs and Power Player’s


Legacy Sports Basketball leagues were designed with the mindset of keeping adults active, fit, and competitively fed and satisfied while providing a family atmosphere. Since our first scrimmage games in 2008, We are now the fasting growing provider of Adult basketball leagues in Southern California. With Men’s and Women’s basketball leagues playing on Multiple days per week in multiple locations, we are sure that you will find a day that fits your schedule and playing level. We offer you the best in your basketball experience through great scaled competition, and with our Legacy Sports Basketball features; Group Prayer before and after every game, Power Player Stat Tracking , Power Player of The week and of the Season, League and Playoff MVP’s, Legacy Sports “No foul Out Rule”, 24 second shot clocks (Where available)and Sortable stats. Legacy Sports continues to provide the best in Adult amateur basketball, for everyone involved. With our many Adult basketball Leagues, we strive to bring out the best in people, and allow them to “Build their Legacy”.

“Live Your Dream, Play Your Sport, Build Your Legacy” – Legacy Sports

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